US Homeowner Cuts Electric Use: A year-to-year comparison

US Homeowner Cuts Electric Use: A year-to-year comparison

With a heart for the environment and a desire to do her part, Nancy Riddick has been interested in renewable energy for years – long before it was en vogue. The high cost was her largest roadblock to investing in renewables. Skystream changed all that.

After ongoing research about wind turbines, Riddick discovered the Skystream, which was not only significantly lower in price compared to other models, but also generated much higher efficiency levels as well. She began looking for a local dealer, but remained skeptical.

“We were half-way expecting some slick presentation with vague answers and empty promises, but Charles knew the technology through and through,” says Riddick about dealer Charles Crumpley of We Know Technologies . “Charles spent hours with us, and answered every question we threw at him with proven facts and statistics. His enthusiasm spilled over to us!”

Although Riddick faced some minor resistance from her utility provider, Farmers' Electric Cooperative, who had never encountered grid-connected small wind before, she reports they have done a complete turn around. “Now they are just as interested and excited about Skystream as we are!”

After one complete billing cycle with the turbine in use, Riddick saved 40 percent on her energy bill – and she’s not looking back:

“We just feel like this is a great investment all around. It was a pleasure working with a terrific company that offered a complete turnkey installation and met every expectation and promise throughout this entire process. We are thrilled to be on the cutting edge of renewable energy technology!”

See the Riddick’s year-to-year comparison between energy use in 2007 and 2008 in the table below.

A total of 23.3% (0.233) savings for year.

*Down time with turbine during these months (typically low wind months in Texas).
**The $901.56 figure is based on current kWh charge (January 2009) from Farmer's Electric of 0.11759 per kWh.
Note: The Riddicks live in a high-wind area and their Skystream is located in a clear, open field without obstructions. Energy performance described above exceeds what many users can expect.