The wind where you are: Ohio Great Lakes area

The wind where you are: Ohio Great Lakes area

The wind knows no bounds, but does carry unique characteristics depending on its geographic location. In our series "Where You Are," we will discuss wind patterns and the effectiveness of personal wind turbines in regions across the globe.

Situated on the shores of Lake Erie, the Ohio Great Lakes region is an ideal location for wind energy generation. The strong wind that blows feet of snow over the area in the winter can also be harnessed to offset the electricity needed to heat your home during those cold, snowy winter months.

Average Climate and Weather (Cleveland, OH):
• Temp: 49.6 degrees Fahrenheit
• Avg. Precipitation: 36.6 inches
• Avg. Wind Speed: 10.5 mph
• Avg. Humidity: 75 percent

Live in the area? Use our Sitelook assessment tool to find out your potential cost and savings, and to get in touch with a personal wind energy expert near you.

You can also find out if there are any Skystreams installed in your area.

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