Wind turbine helps the money get even greener at a HSBC branch

Wind turbine helps the money get even greener at a HSBC branch

The money isn’t the only thing that’s green. For HSBC’s Sao Luis, Brazil “Renascenca” branch a recent installment of a wind turbine will reduce some 10 percent of the institution’s energy consumption.Skystream 3.7 in front of HSBC Brazil

The first sustainable branch for the international banking institution, HSBC had a Skystream 3.7 installed by Energia Pura. Renascenca as part of the Programa Global de Eficiencia Ambiental (Global Program for Environment Efficiency), a program HSBC has invested in for five years.

“HSBC aims at remodeling their way of doing business and engineering by building a branch that can offer comfort to its clients and partners consuming much less natural resources,” according to Energia Pura.

Sustainable concepts reduce environmental impact

The Renascena branch has also committed to a sustainable business model albeit from using reliable wind power to reduce their energy consumption.

When constructing a building of commercial impact, there are many materials used in the construction process that are harmful to the environment. HSBC has been committed to making the site as sustainable as possible. Those efforts include the following:

  • Proper roof venting
  • Double walls for thermal insulation
  • Rainwater harvesting for non-drinkable purposes
  • Selective waste collection
  • Automatic lighting and ATMs (automatic shut downs)
  • Efficient hydraulic system with double command
  • Wide windows to increase natural lighting
  • Grooved sidewalks to reduce impermeability
  • Breeze awnings on windows to reduce sun’s glare
  • Furniture composed of raw material certified by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), approved by the Brazilian Forestry Council

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Photo Credit: Energia Pura


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