Wind turbine certification and why you should care

Wind turbine certification and why you should care

Everything you need to know about Southwest Windpower’s product certifications

You’re a smart shopper. You like a good deal for a quality product that you can invest in and trust for years to come, right? With tight budgets and tiring research, shopping can be just as frustrating as it can be fun. Southwest Windpower has tried to help that process become a bit easier for you through our extensive product certifications, which allow you to take comfort in your investment by eliminating out any question of product performance and safety, false marketing claims or bloated sale speak.

You can trust us. Why? Well, because Southwest Windpower has the most certified products in the industry. We want you to know we live up to every label, certification and compliance we affiliate our products to. No gimmicks here. We go the extra length to validate our claims. Skeptical?  Don’t listen to us; listen to what others have to say.


We can tell you a plethora of positive information about our products, but when push comes to shove, you’ll want proof from other individuals or organizations, not just something straight from the horse’s mouth. Third-party certification involves an independent assessment, which declares specific requirements that pertain to our wind turbines.

Third-party certification ensures that our products are of the highest performance, safety and reliability and in many cases makes our systems eligible for generous government incentive programs that benefit our customers. The importance of every certification and compliance is that the industry is dedicated to giving our customers what they expect with the products they choose to incorporate into their lives.


Southwest Windpower’s small wind turbines meet customer’s expectations and are proven within the industry, which established and worked together to write standards to protect its customers from false claims and misleading marketing. So what does certification mean for you?  

Truth be told, certification and compliance is some pretty complicated stuff. Rather than stewing over the semantics and endless explanations, we’ve boiled it down for you to focus in on what you really need to know about the meat of each certification or compliance.

Take a look at our new webpage on certifications!


Check out our product support pages for our Skystream 3.7, AIR and Whisper product lines to read and download their individual certifications:

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