What kind of wind turbine do I need?

What kind of wind turbine do I need?

In our “Is Wind for You?" series we will discuss frequently asked questions and concerns when it comes to purchasing and installing a personal wind turbine.

The size and type of personal wind turbine that will suit your energy needs depends on where and how you will be using it. The first thing to consider is whether your turbine will operate in an on-grid (utility connected) or off-grid (remote, battery charging) setting. You must also consider what percent of total electricity you will want to offset.

Skystream: Used for sites connected to a local utility grid, the Skystream helps offset energy consumption from external sources. Multiple unit applications can provide more energy for larger projects such as microgrids.

AIR: Our best selling turbine, an ideal product for the low-power needs in remote telecom, monitoring and other off-grid needs.  AIR can combine well with solar for other remote power applications such as street lighting and signaling.

Whisper: The Whisper 100 can supply power for an off-grid remote application. Whispers are also used in remote power applications such as village electrification, water pumping and telecom towers.

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