What is the installation process for wind turbines?

What is the installation process for wind turbines?

If you're planning to install a Southwest Windpower Skystream, your local authorized dealer will work with you to determine the best tower option and optimum siting, or location on your property.

Proper siting of your turbine is critical to the performance and longevity of your investment. It will extend the system’s lifespan while decreasing the likelihood of future maintenance. Poor siting in excessively turbulent conditions may cause fatigue to the turbine and/or tower, which can damage and shorten your generator’s working life.

The system should be installed in an area with average minimum wind speeds of 12 miles per hour and be sited at least 20 feet above any obstructions within a 250-foot radius. Depending on the site and installation complexity two to four installers may be needed.

The installation process takes about a month to complete –a day to excavate and pour the tower foundation, 28 days to let it set and one day to install the tower and the turbine and to ensure proper function. In the video below, dealer Joel Whaley, of Tri-State Solar and Wind, describes a typical installation process:

Periodic maintenance and regular safety inspections are required for upkeep, and these can be done by your local authorized dealer. With proper installation and inspection, a turbine can last 20 years or more.

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