Skystream powers Belgium fair, a mid-summer celebration of all things sustainable

Skystream powers Belgium fair, a mid-summer celebration of all things sustainable

Starting today, the 250,000 expected visitors of the Libramont fair will see a greener event this year thanks to the Skystream 3.7. Our wind turbines not only welcome the fair-goers at the entrance, but they also provide energy to the fairgrounds, further instilling a “green” aspect.
Libramont Fair Skystream 3.7
Of the 1,500 exhibitors at Europe’s biggest outdoor event of the year, Windeo Green future is the only renewable energy partner at the fair. Aside from the entranceway turbines, Windeo added some visual aspects to explain that the systems produce “green energy” for the fair. In the Main Hall at Stand 33H-1.019 Windeo is also educating fair-goers about green energy. They a demo Skystream at their 50-m2 stand along with a solar tracker and decorated grass on the stands roof.

The fair began today (July 27) and will run through Monday. If you’re at the Foire de Libramont, stop by and say hi to our friends at Windeo!

A Unique Event

With over 300,000 square meters of exposition space, the Libramont fair is Europe’s time to shine for the rural market. Emphasizing a “green” theme of recycling and renewable energy, Windeo wanted the Skystream wind turbines to gain more visibility among the farming industry population.

Learn more

If you can’t make it to the fair this year and would like to know more about Windeo Green future, we invite you to visit their website.

The fair is an event organized by the Societe Royale le Cheval de Trait Ardennais

Foire de Libramont
Rye des Aubepines, 50
B-6800 Libramont
Tel. : +32(0) 61 23 04 04

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Photo Courtesy of Windeo Green futur


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