Set sail with personal wind power

Set sail with personal wind power

The wind knows no bounds, but does carry unique characteristics depending on its geographic location. In our series "Where You Are," we will discuss wind patterns and the effectiveness of personal wind turbines in regions across the globe.

Do you travel the high seas more than you stand on solid ground? Then you know first hand that off-grid, reliable power is essential to make life cruising, sailing or boating on the water as comfortable as on land. Our AIR Breeze model used alone can power lights, radios, computers, tools, appliances, autopilots, navigational devices, communications gear – pretty much all of life’s essentials on land or water.

Used in a hybrid system complementing solar photovoltaic, AIR Breeze can help keep your batteries charged year-round for an even more reliable energy supply than solar alone. Yachting Monthly recently recommended the AIR Breeze as the top high power wind turbine choice for boats among those on the market.

When the wind blows, AIR Breeze’s spinning blades create electricity that you can use on the spot. If the AIR Breeze is creating more energy than your needs at any time, the electricity is stored in batteries for later use. Most importantly, the AIR Breeze provides clean energy, keeping the seas you sail on, or the land you live on, pristine and navigable for all of your future endeavors. Plus, with no monthly utility bill, you are on vacation from electricity payments year round!

What Makes AIR Breeze Go?

  • A microprocessor-based smart internal regulator with peak-power tracking provides improved performance, optimized energy output, improved battery charging and reduced sound
  • Three durable composite blades for increased reliability and durability with less sound
  • A brushless neodymium alternator for more efficient energy delivery with no maintenance
  • Only two moving parts make AIR Breeze more reliable, with less need for maintenance

Learn more about the AIR Breeze specifications and energy potential here.

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