The northernmost wind turbine in the world

The northernmost wind turbine in the world

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service operates a cabin at Galbraith Lake, Alaska, that is well above the Arctic Circle, north of the Brooks Range, and near the Gates of the Arctic National Park. Because of the remote location, a small wind turbine provides on-site power.

Patrick Boonstra of Ahtna Engineering Services was involved in the installation of the Southwest Windpower Whisper wind turbine.

“We removed the existing Air 403 turbine that had been damaged and left inoperable,” Boonstra noted. “A blade was missing, and it had a cracked hub. The Arctic isn't kind to machines. All of the digging for the underground conduit was performed with a trusty 60-pound Bosch jackhammer. Shovels are of little use at this time of the year in the tundra. We installed a 30-foot tower kit and the Whisper 200 24-volt turbine from Southwest Windpower. Our Anchorage-based dealer, Susitna Energy Systems, provided us with great support and the turbine and tower kit.”

Here are a few pictures of the installation site. Based on the GPS coordinates – 68 28 .683' N 149 29 41.68' W – it is possible that this may be the northernmost small wind turbine in operation in the world.

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