In the News: research and developments in renewable energy, small wind markets

In the News: research and developments in renewable energy, small wind markets

U.S. wind industry adds 6,800 MW in 2011
The U.S. wind industry installed some 6,816 megawatts (MW) last year, 31 percent higher than the year prior, totaling some 46,916 MW installed to date. Natural gas and wind provide the most U.S. generation while the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) urges Congress to renew production tax credit, Reuters reports.

EWEA 2012 Conference Receives WindMade Label
The upcoming European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) wind conference in mid-April in Copenhagen, Denmark will receive a special label, the WindMade label, an indicator that the event will be run on 100 percent wind power.

Report: Ohio leads nation in wind power growth
Dayton Business Journal (DBJ)
Ohio state is ranked the fastest-growing state in the country when talking about the percentage of increased wind power capacity, according to the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) U.S. Wind Industry Annual Market Report Year Ending 2011. The state saw a 929 percent increase last year, ahead of Vermont (625 percent), Massachusetts (152 percent) and Michigan (130 percent.)

Portable, High-Altitude Power
Massachusetts-based Altaeros Energies, a wind energy company conceived from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) demonstrated a high altitude power production derived from an automated prototype of its airborne wind turbine (AWT). The AWT climbed some 350 feet high and produced power at altitude, lifting a Southwest Windpower Skystream 3.7 to produce over twice the power at high altitude than generated at a conventional tower height.

U.S. leads in clean power investment—for now
Federal support of some $48 billion in 2011 for renewable power bumped up the U.S.’ standing against China, the former biggest investor in clean energy, the Pew Charitable Trusts reported this week.

Renewable energy investment bounces back after 2010 slump  
The Guardian
The U.K. spent some $9.4 billion in clean energy (wind, wave, solar and other renewable sources) last year up from $7 billion in 2010.

Vermont Raises Solar and Small Wind Tariffs
Renewable Energy World
The Vermont Public Service Board (PSB) determined new tariffs for solar and small wind turbines.

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