In The News: Research and developments in renewable energy, small wind markets

In The News: Research and developments in renewable energy, small wind markets

February 4-10, 2012

Distributed Wind Market – Predicted to double form 2010-2015
Fierce Energy
Experts at Pike Research have predicted that distributed wind energy will become increasingly more viable source of energy when compared to Solar.

Illinois – 4th largest producer of wind energy in US
Associated Press
Over 10 million construction and fabrication jobs have been created in response to the United States green energy boom. An increase in renewable energy operations has had a direct and positive impact on the economy.

Californian wind energy – on track for milestone production
Oakland Green Policy Examiner
Californians wind farms now produce 4.7% of the entire states energy requirements, enough to power 400,000 homes. These figures put California on track to achieve the objective of the 20% by 2012 federal program.

Global Wind Energy – 21% increase in 2011
The Global Wind Energy Council announced that in 2011 there was an increase of wind energy systems capable of producing more than 41 giggawatts. Wind Energy’s market trajectory continues to climb steadily reflection on the global acceptance, mastery and implementation of a continually improving form of energy.

Increased interest in distributed energy is spiking growth in Small Wind
Going Green in the USA
Distributed Wind Power is probing its self as a staple of renewable energy. The cost of turbines and the energy they produce maintains its competitive edge over solar, despite recent drops in Photo Voltaic panel costs.

New Jersey Shore – Wind farm plans take root
The Wall Street Journal
The government is developing plans to fast track wind farm developers to the coast of New Jersey by the end of the year. The turbine farms may extend as far south as Virginia.

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