In the News: Research and Development in Renewable Energy, Small Wind Markets

In the News: Research and Development in Renewable Energy, Small Wind Markets

Renewable Energy World
Microgrids: So Much More than Backup Energy
Most Americans don’t have to think much about energy reliability. We plug in a computer and it powers up; we flip a switch and the lights come on.

While very reliable today, the U.S. electricity grid is old and has gone at least five decades without a significant technological upgrade. The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is working with industry on one solution to help maintain a secure, reliable flow of energy: microgrids.

Huffington Post
The Role of Money in Politics: Extreme Energy Edition
The last few weeks have not brought good news for those of us wanting a future powered by clean energy. The southern portion of the TransCanada pipeline is under construction. On top of that, New York State will life its moratorium and allows fracking to occur in the state. If things continue along this path, not only will we miss out on the economic opportunity of renewables, we will also be forced to bear the substantial economic and environmental costs of extreme energy.

Living Green Magazine
Acting Green vs. Buying Green [Infographic]
Is it more beneficial to act green or to buy green? Do energy efficient, eco-friendly products trump simple changes in wasteful habits?

Power Engineering
Studies reveal growth of renewable energy during Obama Administration
Two recently issued federal studies highlight the growth in electrical generation from geothermal, solar, wind and other renewable energy sources during the first three-and-one-half years of the Obama Administration.

REFILE-UK wind power predictable enough to help keep lights on –IPPR
Wind power in Britain is predictable enough that the grid can rely on it to keep the lights on, despite spells of cold, calm weather, while it cuts carbon emissions significantly, the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) said.

RTT News
General Electric Company Installs 300 Wind Turbines in Brazil
General Electric Company said Thursday that it has installed 300 wind turbines in Brazil. The company, which is celebrating its tenth anniversary in the wind industry, said that it plans to install 600 additional units in Brazil.

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