In the News: Research and Development in Renewable Energy, Small Wind Markets

In the News: Research and Development in Renewable Energy, Small Wind Markets

R&D Magazine

Energy storage system helps control fluctuation of renewable energies
Energy storage systems are one of the key technologies for energy turnaround. With their help, the fluctuating supply of electricity based on photovoltaics and wind power can be stored until the time of consumption. At Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), several pilot plants of solar cells, small wind power plants, lithium-ion batteries, and power electronics are under construction to demonstrate how load peaks in the grid can be balanced and what regenerative power supply by an isolated network may look like in the future.
Great Britain Installs more Small Wind Capacity than the US in 2011
Some good news for the British wind industry, and also the Department of Energy and Climate Change; in 2011 Great Britain installed more small wind generation capacity than the U.S., and that trend is expected to continue in 2012.

Washington Post (blog)
Wind credits, part 1: The Obama campaign’s jobs projections
Mitt Romney’s campaign last week expressed opposition to the federal tax break for wind energy, drawing a stark contrast with President Obama and alienating the Republican candidate from certain members of his party, namely Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), who sponsored the original tax credit in 1992 and is pushing for an extension this year.

New York Times (blog)
Obama Draws Contrast With Romney on Wind Energy Tax Credit
Speaking not far from a wind turbine manufacturing plant here on the hot plains, President Obama on Thursday contrasted his support for keeping alive an expiring tax credit for wind energy producers with the opposition of Mitt Romney to that subsidy and others for clean energy alternatives to oil.

The New American
Obama Expedites Seven New Solar and Wind Projects
As congressional Republicans continue their assault on President Obama’s seemingly failed “green” agenda, the White House announced August 7 it will expedite seven federal wind and solar projects across four western states. The programs, which will be grounded in Nevada, Arizona, California, and Wyoming, will generate enough power to turn 1.5 million homes, the White House said in a press release.

Plan for RI wind farm transmission line approved
Plans for a wind farm near Rhode Island’s Block Island have won a key approval from a federal agency

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