In the News: research and development in renewable energy, small wind markets

In the News: research and development in renewable energy, small wind markets

Alaska Dispatch
Wind power fuels Alaska’s push for rural renewable energy sources
 Alaska’s alternative energy revolution will take a new twist this summer when 15 turbines spin to life over a trio of Southwest Alaska villages, in one of the most notable wind projects to reach the Bush.

South Florida Business Journal
Florida is a wind-energy manufacturing hub, association says
Florida has grown to become a manufacturing hub for the wind industry, the American Wind Energy Association said in a news conferences Thursday. Florida currently ranks ninth in the country with 2,000 to 3,000 jobs and 15 manufacturing facilities related to wind power, according to the association’s 2011 U.S. Wind Industry Annual Market Report.
Whisper Turbines Refreshed by Southwest
Southwest Windpower, maker of the small-wind turbine Skystream [3.7], just announced a refreshed Whisper line of turbines for battery-charging applications including off-grid residential homes.

Huffington Post  
Wind in the Flint Hills
It’s no small wonder that Pete Ferrell has incurred the wrath of many ranchers and conservationists in the Flint Hills of Kansas. They are hell-bent on stonewalling any wind development in this vast strength of tall grass prairie. He sees wind power as a promising and profitable extension of the cattle raising and oil-drilling that already make this a working landscape.

RTT News
Wind Farms Do Not Contribute to Climate Change: Analysts
Air turbulence created by wind farms in Texas have cause a slight increase in nighttime surface temperatures, according to a new study published in Nature Climate Change on Sunday, April 29. However, clean energy analysts say the study shows surface temperature has no effect on climate change and that the study’s findings have been largely misconstrued by the media. 
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DoD asks Congress to back energy upgrade
When a Republican senator last week released a video of a senior EPA official pledging to “crucify” law-breaking oil and gas companies, it spread like wildfire, leading the Drudge Report and getting airplay on Fox News; the official—EPA Region 6 Administrator Al Armendariz—resigned within five days.

Fuel Fix
OTC tackles floating wind turbine technology
The prospect of offshore floating wind turbines was at the center of a series of studies at the Offshore Technology Conference that examined the future of the nascent technology.

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