In the news: Renewable renaissance long-term despite global warming, foreign competition

In the news: Renewable renaissance long-term despite global warming, foreign competition

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US wind industry heading for ‘renaissance’ in 2011
Energy Efficiency News
The US wind industry installed 1100 MW of new capacity in the first quarter of 2011, says the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA). Even more encouraging is the fact that the wind industry entered the second quarter of this year with a further 5600 MW under construction, nearly double that reported at the same time in the last two years.

APPA: Future US electric capacity shifting from traditional fuels to renewables
SNL Financial
U.S. electric generating capacity appears to be shifting away from traditional forms of energy to renewables, according to a new analysis from the American Public Power Association.

Reid: US must compete with China to lead on energy
CBS News
The United States must step up its efforts on renewable energy to compete with China and other countries for global leadership, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Wednesday after returning from a nine-day, taxpayer-funded trip to Asia with nine of his colleagues.

Will U.S. wind power weather global warming?
Warming global temperatures and the resulting changes in weather patterns are unlikely to affect the long-term viability of wind power in the mainland United States, university researchers have found.

Google: renewable energy is long-term effort
Google Inc has not given up on its goal of making renewable energy cheaper than coal for consumers but it is not predicting victory soon, its director of green business operations said.

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