In the news: Renewable energy trends, growth and incentives

In the news: Renewable energy trends, growth and incentives

Here on Shoot the Breeze, we’ll keep an eye on the latest news in the wind industry. Each week we will feature the top five stories that have caught our attention.

10 Clean Energy Trends to Watch in 2011 and Beyond
Fast Company
As the clean energy industry emerges from a challenging period caused by the global economic downturn, it is entering a stage of rapid change in which business models are being transformed against a backdrop of regulatory uncertainty. In several key sectors, the market is shifting back toward business structures and technologies that were once abandoned, but are now being revived. A new white paper from Pike Research identifies 10 key trends that are part of this transformation. The paper, which includes commentary and predictions about the state of the clean energy industry in 2011 and beyond, is available for free download on Pike Research's website.

Blustery States Boost Wind Power Over Gas With U.S. Tax Break
A U.S. tax break has helped wind power stem the growth of natural gas as a power-plant fuel in blustery states. The natural-gas share of electricity generation increased by less than 1 percent over the past decade in states such as North Dakota that have strong winds to drive turbines, a Bloomberg Government Study found. It grew 17 percent in states such as Florida, where there was no wind to compete with gas.

First Hybrid Power Plant Will Combine Solar, Wind and Natural Gas
Popular Science
A new hybrid power plant to be built in Turkey will combine a traditional gas-fired steam turbine with solar thermal power and wind power, according to GE. It’s a step toward integrating renewable sources into the traditional power grid, using steam and mirrors. The solar component is a field of sun-tracking mirrors that will focus sunlight on a tower to produce steam, which will be fed into the steam turbine to increase the plant’s output. A small wind farm connected to the plant will provide another 22 megawatts of power.

China agrees to end domestic wind power subsidies
USA Today
China has agreed to stop subsidizing wind power companies that use domestically produced components rather than imports, a victory for U.S. manufacturers. U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk plans to announce China's action Tuesday, seven months after the United States launched an investigation following a complaint from the United Steelworkers.

Small Wind Turbine Market Expected to Reach 3.7 Gw by 2020
The small wind turbine industry is a small component of the much larger wind energy market, but the pace at which the market is growing means it will be worth around 0.48% of the market by 2020, according to a new report released on The report, entitled Small Wind Turbines (less than 100kW) - Global Market Size, Analysis by Power Range, Regulations and Competitive Landscape to 2020, provides a strategic analysis of the market, including size, segmentation, production, demand, as well as historical, present and forecast information to 2020.

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