In the news: Green tech growth, support and challenges

In the news: Green tech growth, support and challenges

Here on Shoot the Breeze, we’ll keep an eye on the latest news in the wind industry. Each week we will feature the top five stories that have caught our attention.

Renewable Sources Could Provide 77% of World’s Energy by 2050, Report Says
The New York Times
Renewable sources could provide a majority of the world’s energy supplies by 2050, but only if governments dramatically increase financial and political support for technologies like wind and solar power, experts from a United Nations panel said Monday.

Green energy can wean off subsidies, gradually
Government support for renewable energy must end gradually and in tandem with cuts in fossil fuel subsidies, say investors and lobbyists who complain bitterly about unpredictable chopping of incentives.

China Leads Push to Go Green
The New York Times
Denmark earns the biggest share of its national revenue from producing windmills and other clean technologies, and the United States is rapidly expanding its clean-technology sector. But no country can match China’s pace of growth, according to a new report.

Army's Ambitious Renewable Energy Goals Run Into War-Zone Realities
The New York Times
A much-touted military complex slated to become the main hub for future Afghan security forces is also being looked to as a key proving ground for renewable energy.

Obama pushes green tech as an answer for jobs, gas prices
The Hill
Touting the success of a manufacturing plant he visited in Indiana, President Obama said Saturday that clean energy businesses are the key to new jobs and lower energy prices in America.

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