In the news: Advancements in wind energy standards, funding and grid connection

In the news: Advancements in wind energy standards, funding and grid connection

WindMade label for companies makes U.S. debut

USA Today
WindMade, the first global consumer label for companies using wind energy, made its U.S. debut in New York City on Wednesday June 15, designated as Global Wind Day. The concept would create a standard that requires participating companies to source at least 25 percent of their electricity demand from wind power. The idea is that the standard would give companies an extra incentive to green their electricity portfolios.

Department of Energy highlights new global energy efficiency standard
U.S. Department of Energy
The Department of Energy (DOE) recognized the publication of ISO 50001, a new global energy efficiency and energy management standard which will help organizations worldwide save money in their buildings and industrial facilities. The new international standard will pave the way for long-term energy savings and serve as a critical tool for the implementation of the Department’s energy efficiency programs. Developed by a project committee of 45 partnering countries from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), this voluntary standard provides organizations with a framework for continuous energy performance improvements. The framework will encourage adoption of best practices that reduce the energy use of existing equipment and facilities, require the use of energy performance data to target cost-effective upgrades, and emphasize the design and installation of highly efficient energy systems and equipment. By increasing their operational efficiency, organizations that adopt the ISO 50001 standard will save money by saving energy.

Grid upgrades to add 1.9GW wind power in North West
The Bonneville Power Administration is proposing two transmission line upgrades in Washington and Montana that with four new high-voltage lines already under construction or consideration would deliver 3,200 additional megawatts of electricity, including 1,900 megawatts of wind power. The 3,200 MW of new service equates to about triple the generating capacity of Bonneville Dam.

DOE offers $135.76M loan guarantee for 99MW wind farm
After a week of announcing five loan guarantees for solar projects, the Department of Energy is now turning the spotlight on wind energy. On Tuesday, the DOE said it has offered a $135.76 million loan guarantee for a wind farm in New Hampshire. Through the loan guarantee program, the DOE promises to repay the loans if borrowers can’t. The program is part of the stimulus package passed in 2009 to help create jobs and rescue a faltering economy. It’s set to end on Sept. 30 this year.

Top 5 coolest ways companies are integrating renewable energy into the grid
Renewable Energy World
Intermittent renewables at high penetrations will bring new challenges for the grid. But how big will they be? And is it true that wind and solar will necessarily need storage or natural gas back-up at high levels? The International Energy Agency wanted to know, so it modeled a variety of high-penetration scenarios in eight geographic regions around the world. Hugo Chandler, a senior policy analyst with the IEA explains the organization’s findings to Climate Progress.

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