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In the news: Research and developments in renewable energy, small wind markets

An iPhone app that alerts you how to manage power
Economic Times
A team at the University of Arkansas and the University of San Francisco, led by an Indian-origin computer science researcher, has developed an iPhone automated energy-management system that monitors energy generation and consumption in off-grid and grid-tied homes that use solar energy or wind power. Read more »

The northernmost wind turbine in the world

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service operates a cabin at Galbraith Lake, Alaska, that is well above the Arctic Circle, north of the Brooks Range, and near the Gates of the Arctic National Park. Because of the remote location, a small wind turbine provides on-site power.

Patrick Boonstra of Ahtna Engineering Services was involved in the installation of the Southwest Windpower Whisper wind turbine. Read more »

Northern California festival sets record in the wind

The Berkeley Kite Festival in Northern California has been capturing the power of the wind since 1986. In 2010 they set a world record for the most octopus kites in the air at the same time. Check out the video of the event below:

In the news: Small wind’s strong market, value for business and the community

Sales of wind turbines for home use are going strong
USA Today
A growing number of people are investing in small electricity generating wind turbines for residential use, despite the bad economy, and backers of wind power say they expect advances in technology and manufacturing to make them even more popular. Read more »

The Growing Role of Data Analysis in Cost Reduction and Alternative Energy Adoption

CEO of Southwest Windpower’s recently acquired SunWind Solutions, Brad Van Orden, was asked to do an interview with Enterprise Features regarding the growing roll of data analysis in energy cost reduction. The following are some of the questions discussed: Read more »

Harvesting organic produce and clean energy

It has been a good two years for the Guthrie family. Founders of Growing Harmony Farms, Gary and Nancy Guthrie run a small but productive community-supported agriculture (CSA) program in Nevada, Iowa.

Cultivating on less than two acres of land, the couple harvested nearly 21,000 pounds of fresh produce this past season. The produce is distributed among the 74 members of the CSA with extra carrots, garlic and sweet potatoes headed to local restaurants and natural food stores. Read more »

What is the installation process for wind turbines?

If you're planning to install a Southwest Windpower Skystream, your local authorized dealer will work with you to determine the best tower option and optimum siting, or location on your property.

Proper siting of your turbine is critical to the performance and longevity of your investment. It will extend the system’s lifespan while decreasing the likelihood of future maintenance. Poor siting in excessively turbulent conditions may cause fatigue to the turbine and/or tower, which can damage and shorten your generator’s working life. Read more »

In the news: Advancements in wind energy standards, funding and grid connection

WindMade label for companies makes U.S. debut

USA Today
WindMade, the first global consumer label for companies using wind energy, made its U.S. debut in New York City on Wednesday June 15, designated as Global Wind Day. The concept would create a standard that requires participating companies to source at least 25 percent of their electricity demand from wind power. The idea is that the standard would give companies an extra incentive to green their electricity portfolios. Read more »

Does a wind power system add value to a home?

In the video below, dealer Joel Whaley, of Tri-State Solar and Wind, discusses the value that a personal wind turbine adds to your home:

Skystream now available at select Home Depot stores

Southwest Windpower is making personal wind energy generation more accessible to consumers throughout the United States with the Skystream Install Program. Through the program, our award winning Skystream 3.7 personal wind turbine is now available for purchase at select Home Depot stores in Texas, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming and most recently, California, with hopes to expand to windy locations throughout the country. See below for a complete list of Home Depot Stores carrying Skystream. Read more »

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