How do I purchase a personal wind turbine?

How do I purchase a personal wind turbine?

In our “Is Wind for You?" series we will discuss frequently asked questions and concerns when it comes to purchasing and installing a personal wind turbine.

Nationwide, our personal wind turbine models are available through our dealers.

If you live in the U.S. and on a grid connected property, the first step is to complete our Sitelook assessment to find out if wind is right for you and your area.

We are also excited to partner with The Home Depot to offer our Skystream model as part of The Home Depot’s Home Services Department offerings in a number of stores across the country. We currently have kiosks in several stores in Idaho, Texas, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming. Live in these areas? Call your local store to find out if Skystream is available for purchase. We hope to expand our in-store presence to several more states in the near future!

Are you interested in selling personal wind turbines and becoming a dealer? Click here.

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