Facts, figures and everything in between

Facts, figures and everything in between

An inside look of our Dealer Traning Course

Day four of the March 2012 Dealer Training was a gambit of information. Ross Taylor, training manager for Southwest Windpower instructed his students on how to correctly install a Skystream 3.7™, the electrical considerations to do so, as well as the precautions on how to use a hybrid system off-grid using battery charging installations.

Thursday’s agenda included the following:Skyview-Southwest-Windpower

  • Warranty coverage, working with our Technical Support and submitting claims and invoices to the Southwest Windpower team
  • Identifying turbine trouble—spin conditions, failure modes and error codes. Instruction on how to use flow charts
  • How to use Skyview; Southwest Windpower’s siting level device. How to determine spin conditions, failure modes, error codes and how to accurately read turbine data
  • Data logging and its importance in monitoring energy usage. How to record data files, interpret data results, and plot power production
  • Hardware failure and turbine service-- troubleshooting and diagnostics


Taylor drew attention to the saliency of wire sizing. Southwest Windpower provides wire sizing charts for their turbines available on our website. Wires should be sized such that there is no more than two percent voltage rise at 2,400 watts output, Taylor emphasized.

Without correct wire sizing many consequences could follow, such as damage to the wire, kinking and resistance, which could in turn lead to wind turbine damage. Taylor forewarned students that incorrect wire sizing could lead to catastrophic effects to your renewable energy system. Know what size wiring you need to appropriate your system.


Skystream 3.7-Southwest-Windpower-Monopole-InstallationThere are options you can choose to mount your wind system; a monopole or a guyed wire tower. Taylor suggested using a monopole—pouring foundation and installing a tilt-tower configuration, ensuring ease of repair and routine maintenance when needed. However, he said, guyed towers are beneficial only if the installer is experienced in this style tower induction. Tension and cable sizing provide challenges when installing the aforementioned tower design. He recommeneds that only those experienced in guyed wire tower installations opt for this recourse.


Taylor passed around to students’  radio devices, which are used in communicating with your Skystream 3.7. They can provide with you system diagnostics and valid dissemination. This tool is a valuable service in your relationship with your system, maxmizing your energy offset and saving as much as you can on your utility bill by gauging efficiency and performance.


Any inquiry you have regarding your wind turbine system can be guided towards a solution by one of Southwest Windpower’s Technical Support Representatives. Please call us if you have any questions about installation, troubleshooting or wiring queries.

Catch up on our weeklong coverage of our March 2012 Dealer Training, in which Southwest Windpower experts educate and break in soon-to-be dealers to our products in order to provide our customers with the support and knowledge they deserve when producing clean, renewable energy through wind.

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