Dealer Training: Wrapping Up

Dealer Training: Wrapping Up

An inside look to our Dealer Training course

Southwest Windpower’s Dealer Training course ended Friday after five days of Skystream 3.7™ education. The course, taught by Training Manager Ross Taylor, was held in our Flagstaff, Ariz. location from March 19 – 23. Approximately 11 dealers traveled from as far as Hawaii, Brazil and Oaklahoma to attend the incomparable course. The fundamentals of Skystream installation, operation, troubleshooting, wire sizing, warranty coverage and diagnostics, were amongst a slew of pertinent topics that were covered in-depth by Taylor.


With the information packed week, the course was concluded with a written and practical exam. The exam will be graded and students will receive validation for being an authorized Skystream dealer. Taylor began the day  working with our Technical Support for claims and invoices. Each dealer was given a 2.4 gighertz (GHz) radio device that connects to a laptop via a USB connection. This allows dealers to communicate with their turbine using our Skystream 3.7 software, a CD that was also given to the class. In addition, students received a print copy of the Skystream 3.7 manual. All these materials are designed to increase their success when applying their new-found knowledge to guiding their customers in using the award-winning Skystream 3.7.

Taylor stressed the essence of communicating with your turbine. He outlined for the class a specific sequence in which to connect the radio to the turbine. This two-way relationship provides data logging and tracking information for the turbine, monitoring its progression and performance.


The class was instructed in a hands-on style, in which students were able to work with sample equipment, wiring, radio devices, a Skystream 3.7 nacelle and circuit boards. This made a difference in the overall feel of the course, the students said, as it allows them to extract knowledge from a technical lecture and employ it with live applications. Students said that this element was one of many that distinguishes Southwest Windpower from other small wind turbine manufacturers; the students felt the company’s genuine merit they provide for their customers and dealers alike.Cliff-Ryden-Cable-Sizing-Southwest-Windpower-Dealer-Training


If you’re interested in installing a Southwest Windpower turbine consider the following criteria:

  • At least 10 mph (4.5 m/s) average wind speed; best at 12 mph (5.4 m/s) or more
  • Your property is at least 0.5 acre (0.2 hectare) and has unobstructed views
  • The local zoning allows a structure that is at least 52 ft. (16 m) tall
  • Your utility has an interconnection agreement for distributed energy equipment
  • Southwest Winpdower or your local deal can help answer any of the questions you are unsure about


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