Commercial building installs Skystream 3.7 for economic benefit, ‘green’ appeal

Commercial building installs Skystream 3.7 for economic benefit, ‘green’ appeal

Porto Alegre, Brazil— Atop a commercial office building along the highest point of Carlos Gomes Avenue, the financial center of Porto Alegre, Brazil, spins a Skystream 3.7--the first wind energy system for a commercial building in the region. Energia Pura

The beige-colored high-rise building is situated along a high-traffic area in downtown Porto Alegre, home to many corporate offices, hotels and parks. The high-visibility location brings the Skystream 3.7 and the over 10-story building a wealth of attention.

Porto Alegre is the largest city in southern Brazil and capital of the state of Rio Grande do Sul. It is the focal point for growing business between the four-country trade block of Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Alberta, Canada-based Hood Engineering constructed the building dubbed “Building Eólis,” which was opened in November 2006. Energia Pura installed the Skystream 3.7 wind turbine. The system is designed with the ability to generate some three kilowatts with constant operation. Eólis houses commercial offices.

“The proposal is that 20 percent of all energy consumed by the [building’s] common areas, i.e. hallways, elevators and parking, are borne by wind energy,” Christian Voelcker, director of real estate Help Building, creator and administrator of the project, told the Journal of Energy. “The return on impact was so great that is has earned ten times the investment in advertising for the turbine Eólis,” said Voelcker.

The Building Eólis reuses rainwater for toilet water supply and garden irrigation. The intention of implementing wind technology to the commercial building is to triple its wind energy production.

The owner of the building is satisfied and very happy with how the wind system is performing and plans on deploying more wind turbines in other buildings he owns, said Eduardo Konze, director of marketing at Energia Pura.

“Besides saving on energy bills the building was known as the first in Brazil to use a wind turbine,” said Konze.

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Image Courtesy of Energia Pura

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