Choosing a site for wind power

Choosing a site for wind power

In our “Is Wind for You?" series we will discuss frequently asked questions and concerns when it comes to purchasing and installing a personal wind turbine. When you are looking to build a house, start a business or even host a party—finding the perfect site is one of, if not the most important decisions. It is the same with finding a location for your personal wind turbine.

How to site Skystream 3.7 backyard wind turbine

Where you choose to install a personal backyard wind turbine directly affects the performance of the machine. The ideal location for a wind turbine is approximately 20 feet, or six meters, above any surrounding object within a 250 foot or 76 meter radius. These measurements generally mean that your property should be at least half an acre.

If you think your property has potential for a personal wind turbine, or you would like more information, contact a Southwest Windpower dealer in your area. They can help you evaluate your property for the best and most efficient location. To find out if wind is right for you, check out our Sitelook tool to get a personalized evaluation and estimate.

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