Chevy Volt powered by wind energy

Chevy Volt powered by wind energy

In our series “In Action," the opportunities and benefits of personal wind turbines are shared through customer testimonials and regional case studies.

One lucky Chevy Volt was driven around Hereford, Texas, producing zero emissions not only from the car itself, but also from the source it was charged on. KPAN Radio, a local Hereford station, was given a week to test-drive a Chevrolet Volt provided by Stevens 5-Star, a local car dealership.

The station used their Skystream 3.7 personal wind turbine installed on site at their studio to fully recharge the Volt. By combining the two innovative technologies, the car drove many miles, but produced zero emissions, setting a precedent for how renewable vehicles and renewable energy sources might work in tandem in the future.

The Skystream 3.7 was installed at the studio in 2007 and annually produces about 20 percent of the electricity consumed on location.

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