In Action

In our series “In Action," the opportunities and benefits of personal wind turbines are shared through customer testimonials and regional case studies.
Arizona school pioneers a contemporary eco-education

An update from a Wind for Schools participant Read more »

In the news: research and developments in renewable energy, small wind markets


Wind Energy Today: A Look at Wind Energy Projects Around the World
With around 239 GW of wind power installed last year globally, the renewable resource is continuing to rise thanks to government incentives and environmental concerns. Read more »

Dealer Training: Wrapping Up

An inside look to our Dealer Training course Read more »

Raising a Skystream 3.7™? No problem

An inside look of our Dealer Training Course

With the sun shining high against a cloudless blue sky Wednesday, the students of Southwest Windpower's Dealer Training class were energized and eager to combine classroom knowledge with hands-on experience. Trenching in snow and mud, Ross Taylor, training manager, lead the class off-campus to disassemble and re-assemble an existing Southwest Windpower Skystream 3.7™ installation at a local site. Read more »

Wind 101: wind theory, evaluation and siting

An inside look of our Dealer Training Course Read more »

Wind, solar and diesel: Let the numbers tell you the story

Prof. Paul Wessels, owner of Southwest Windpower’s Whisper 200 (1 KW) and Whisper 500 (3.2 KW) wind turbines, provided the Company his complete system metrics. The two turbines are components of a larger hybrid system that is completed with solar and diesel. Read more »

Wind power and conservation go hand in hand at High Hopes Gardens

By Mark Runquist
Skystream owner since 2008

I like to think that raising our residential wind turbine on our small Marshall County, Iowa farm was a harbinger for the new 52 turbine wind farm that now stretches to within a couple miles of our pioneer turbine. It’s not hard to imagine our lonely turbine was excited to see some friends on the horizon. Our turbine is not only a way for us to provide for some of our own electrical needs, but as a statement of our values we hold as a family. Read more »

Skystream wind turbines help power a Nova Scotia poultry farm

Glen Jennings of Masstown, N.S. can consider himself an agriculture and poultry industry pioneer. His Bayview Poultry Farms Ltd. was one of the first Nova Scotia farms to install wind turbines to generate electricity.

Bayview Poultry Farms currently has three of Southwest Windpower’s Skystream wind turbines installed, each of which at peak performance could generate enough power to supply 75 percent of the farm’s electrical demand. Read more »

Wind for Schools project brings wind energy education to classrooms

Wind Powering America and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) launched the Wind for Schools project in 2005 to bring wind energy technologies to students of all ages and give them a platform to launch clean-energy careers. The program also helps engage communities across the nation in a wind energy discussion and develop a knowledge base for wind energy within classrooms. Read more »

Baja and the Breeze Part III: Blessings in disguise

Our own customer systems development manager, Brad Van Orden, recently put our Air Breeze personal wind turbine to the test during a two-week trip through Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. In this short series, Brad will share his adventures on the road and how the Air Breeze helped to keep the wind in the sails of “Nacho,” his 1984 Volkswagen camper van, along the way.

When traveling abroad my wife and I live by the doctrine that while every place has danger, in general people everywhere are good. This sentiment was clearly not shared by our friends and family upon their learning of our intentions to travel overland in Mexico for two and a half weeks. My grandfather made a lingering moaning sound in a minor key. My mother-in-law made a grim face while sliding her finger across her throat. My neighbor suggested I build a flamethrower.

“Are you bringing a gun?”
“You’ll probably need about $100 per day for bribes.”
“I heard they will kidnap and torture you.”
“My brother’s friend’s uncle knew a guy who saw a van that had been shot over a thousand times.”
“If someone tells you to stop, just run over them.”

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